Platinum-level Coaching plan is for the person who wants the most possible support.  Platinum includes 3 monthly 1-to-1 coaching sessions and quarterly Nutrition and Exercise plans.

Here’s what’s you get:


+3 monthly 1-to-1 coaching conversations

Your Platinum-level coaching package includes 3 monthly 1-to-1 conversation where you can review your goals, celebrate successes and learn from missteps.

+1 quarterly Nutritional plan

At the Platinum level, you can get a six- to 12-week nutritional plan to help you meet your goals

+1 quarterly Exercise plan

At the Platinum level, you can get a six- to 12-week exercise plan to help you meet your goals

Gold- and Silver-level:

+60-minute Jump Start goal setting session:

In this session, you will gain clarity on you wellness goals, create a plan to improve your chances for success and minimize road blocks .

+Live Group Tele-Coaching:

Express Level:

+Online Training System Membership:

You can create weekly menus from the 100os of recipes included with a membership.  You can create exercise routines to help you reach you and track your progress toward your goals.

+Exclusive Facebook group for support:

You can post questions, learn from posted updates, find motivation and connect with other like-minded individuals.

+Weekly email w/tips and motivation:

You’ll receive the latest news, tips and offers.


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